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Welcome Home: #726 and #804
Thanks to citizen scientist Debra for submitting her March 14 sighting report and photo of cranes #726 and #804. The colored bands show they are from the eastern flock.

  • What does the number-name of these cranes tell you about their age? (Hint: The first digit in the 3-digit names stands for the year they hatched.)
  • These adult birds are about five feet tall. Their wingspan is 7-9 feet. How does that compare to your height and armspan? Whooping cranes are North America's tallest birds! We are lucky to see them during migration since there are only about 400 migratory Whooping cranes in all. Aren't they magnificent?

Courtesy of Debra Potts

Whooping crane pair #726 and #804 in Wisconsin after spring migration