Eastern Flock: Migration, Nesting
April 29, 2011
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Back from tracking, Eva reports from Wisconsin:

Migration Update
"As far as we know, 23-10 and 26-10 are still in southern Indiana, on migration (last update was April 24th). Cranes #15-10 and #16-10 are still MIA (missing in action). The location of #10-10 is also unknown, but since her radio signal was heard in Wisconsin, I would say that she’s around here somewhere!

Nesting Update: 16 nests as of April 27

  • Pair #216/716 no longer have a nest. I do not know the details of the situation, but one egg was collected from their nest and is currently at ICF being incubated. It is likely fertile, but we don’t know that for sure.
  • Pair #512 and 722 also are no longer nesting.
  • Pair #408/519 were discovered with a nest on April 26.

Update on Florida Male #1343
Now we know for sure that he made it all the way up here! On April 22 I found Florida male 1343 near New Lisbon in Juneau County, Wisconsin.  He was initially near a 2009 male who flew away from him as I watched.  Three other migratory cranes are in the immediate area where he is, including wild chick W3-10.

ICF tracker Eva Szyszkoski

ICF tracking field Manager Eva is back on
the Wisconsin nesting grounds.

Cranes #827 and #908 are too young for eggs. Still, the young pair are building a nest. Eva took this photo of the young pair trying to build up their nest platform. Why? Click for a closer look and find out the reason.