Class of 2010 in Florida: Eight Gone!
April 8, 2011
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Chassahowitzka NWR

Three of the five have migrated! April 4 was a clear day with winds from the south. Sure enough, cranes #3-10, 9-10, and 17-10 took off on their spring migration!
Cranes #15 and #16 at Chass on April 7 night
Photo: Eva Szyszkoski

Two youngsters, 15-10 and 16-10* are still at the pen site at Chass. These two don't wear PTTs so Eva is waiting so she can leave with them and track their progress. When they had not left April 7 by "crane time" (between 11 and noon Florida time when thermals heat up), Eva knew she was probably stuck again.

"Of the three groups of chicks on migration right now, PTT’s put one group in northern Illlinois and two groups in Indiana," reported Eva on April 7.

Adult #827, who dropped in on Feb. 21 when his two buddies left on migration, began migration from the Chass pen site on April 1. He was heard in Wisconsin, flying towards Necedah NWR on April 6.

ICF tracker Eva Szyszkoski

ICF tracking field Manager Eva will track the last two chicks back to Wisconsin.

April 4: perfect for migrating!

When will the remaining two leave? Watch the weather maps and make your own prediction.

St. Marks NWR

They're gone! The three remaining female crane-kids (5-10, 6-10, and 10-10) took off on their first journey north at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, April 3! PTT readings on April 5 showed that the three St. Marks females had made their first stopover northeast of Birmingham, AL. Go Girls!

Operation Migration pilot Brooke Pennypacker
Photo Mark Chenoweth

Operation Migration's Brooke Pennypacker has seen all five young cranes at St. Marks NWR depart on their first northward migration.