Class of 2010 in Florida: Eight Waiting
April 1, 2011
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Chassahowitzka NWR

"All five (#3-10, 9-10, 15-10, 16-10 and 17-10) of the Class of 2010's Chass chicks are waiting out some rainy weather along with adult #827, who dropped in on Feb. 21 when his two buddies left on migration, " reports Eva. They showed some restlessness to go on March 27 but then the weather changed. Here's a look at the weather on March 30 and 31. Click to see April 1 weather too.

The cranes are waiting for a clear day and winds from the south, and we'll see what happens when the weather delivers!

ICF tracker Eva Szyszkoski

ICF tracking field Manager Eva is with the Chass Five this winter. She will track them back to Wisconsin, too!


St. Marks NWR

The remaining three (5-10, 6-10, and 10-10) are still waiting, and this week's weather was no temptation. Always a joker, Brooke recently told a Heather: "They're starting to get that look. They all seem to look skyward and tilt their heads, as if they're picking up a faint radio frequency that only they can hear... they're doing that more often." When will they leave? Stay tuned!

Click the St. Marks crane cam to visit the wintering crane-kids! and check the St. Marks crane cam. (NOTE: The feed is not a streaming, continuous feed. Instead, the image refreshes every few seconds. It is best viewed with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Internet Explorer does not behave properly.)

Operation Migration pilot Brooke Pennypacker
Photo Mark Chenoweth

Operation Migration's Brooke Pennypacker leads the winter team that is monitoring the five young cranes at St. Marks NWR.