Eastern Flock Report: Nests Again!

May 14, 2010
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Good News from the Nesting Grounds
Sara reports: "The first nest of #402 & 46-07 DAR and the renest of #403 & 309 are still doing well and they’ve completed almost two weeks of incubation! (Female 46-07 is the first DAR bird that has been part of an active breeding pair to have a nest since the DAR program's inception in 2005.) Also, earlier this week #213 & 218 were found to have renested. Finally, in late- breaking news #212 & 419 were found to have renested on Monday or Tuesday of this week. And as of May 12 Eva suspects that #311 & 312 might have a nest too! This hasn’t been confirmed and they’re in a remote area of the refuge, so it may take a few days to confirm. I’m trying to schedule a flight for early next week so we can look from the air. We’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest news for the nesting chart as well as each bird's bio pages."

Searching With Eva: On Land, In Air
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Aviculturalist, WCEP Tracking Co-chair


Eva Szyszkoski, ICF Tracking Field Manager