Texas and Canada: Where Are They?
April 30, 2010
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What are Lea's ideas to explain the low number of reports this spring?

Lea Craig-Moore Reports from Canada:

I am slightly baffled at the low number of reports this spring, but am assuming that the warm south winds on April 16-18 carried several of the birds north and the stopovers were very brief — so maybe no one saw the birds to report them!

Here's an alternative explanation: Because migration is early this year— but it's still too wet for seeding to start in most parts of the province—there is less traffic out in the country so fewer eyes on the skies.

Then again, maybe the flood of cranes is still to come!! Next time I should have more news. On May 14 I will be flying up to the nesting grounds in Wood Buffalo National Park from our office here in Saskatoon. My eldest son turns 5 on May 11 so I always wait until after his birthday to leave for the nesting grounds.)

Lea Craig-Moore

Wildlife Technician | Technicienne de la faune
Environment Canada | Environnement Canada
Canadian Wildlife Service
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada