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Eastern Flock Report: Mostly Home, No New Nests

April 30, 2010
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New Arrivals This Week in Wisconsin
Male 712 is back. Sara detected him while she was in a plane April 26 and Matt and Eva also detected him from their trucks on the ground. "I think he landed on the refuge briefly, but then took off again and I'm not sure where he ended up, reports Sara. "His arrival makes a total of 89 confirmed back in Wisconsin."

Nesting Update
Abandoned Whooper nest.
Photo: Richard Urbanek, WCEP

No re-nesting yet and it's been warm, so I'm not sure we'll get any re-nests. We have up to eight whooping crane pairs that could start renesting now. We also have some pairs that have not yet nested. There's still hope! Come back for more news May 14!

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