Eastern Flock Report: Cranes at Both Ends of the Migration Trail
April 2, 2010
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Eight Chicks Home! A PTT reading for #915 on the night of March 31 put the group of 8 in Monroe County, Wisconsin and Sara picked up their signals in the Necedah area on April 1. Migration complete! Five of the '09 DAR chicks beat them home. (See the Finish Line.)

The eight 2009 juvenile Whooping Cranes that began migration on March 24th from the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) near Tallahassee, Florida include 908, 910, 911, 914, 915, 918, 925, and 926. By the time they got that news, trackers had no chance of catching up with the cranes. They were on their own, and they did a great job of finding their way home!

Still in Florida
As of noon April 1, chicks #906 and #912 at the St. Marks NWR, the nine Chassahowitzka juveniles, plus three 2008 sub-adults at the Chassahowitzka NWR have yet to begin their journey north.

Eva Szyszkoski, ICF Tracking Field Manager


Check the Finish Line and record each crane's arrival on the Arrival Log!


Will today's (April 2) good weather convince the remaining Forida birds to depart? Stay tuned!