Eastern Flock News
April 24, 2009
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Class of 2008 Migration News

Everybirdy's in Wisconsin!

  • Crane #819, who split off from his group early in the migration, showed up at Necedah NWR April 21!
  • Crane 813 is slowly getting closer, as shw was in Winnebago County, Wisconsin on April 18.
  • Cranes #803, 824 and 827 reached Necedah NWR on April 24!


Nesting Activity
While some whoopers are still arriving, older cranes from previous years have already begun nesting. Next week we'll have more details, but the nesting chart has been updated for recent events.

An Earth Day Present: Help for Cranes

You're not the only ones concerned about the health and survival of cranes. Whoopers and other cranes got a happy Earth Day present when Congress passed the Crane Conservation Act of 2009 this week. The legislation still has to go to lawmakers in the Senate, but it's well on its way.

The Act calls for a grant program to fund crane conservation projects in the United States and abroad. It also encourages the government to work with groups on programs to protect cranes and their ecosystems. Eleven of the world's 15 crane species are currently at risk of extinction.

ICF aviculturalist Sara Zimorski sends this week's news.