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What's #819 Doing in North Dakota?

An April 26 sighting report on a Whooping crane in North Dakota included the evidence of green-white-green bands on one leg, and a conventional radio transmitter mounted on red and white bands on the other leg. Tom Stehn replied to the observers with this message:

"We think it is male bird #19 hatched in 2008 at Patuxent WRC, and later transported to Necedah NWR in central Wisconsin in summer as part of the group that followed the ultralight aircraft from Wisconsin to Florida last fall, where it wintered at St. Mark's NWR.

"Based on the tracking this spring, it migrated correctly back to the core reintroduction area in central Wisconsin where it was last seen April 23rd. It then apparently went into its spring wandering phase that sometime occurs, especially with 1-yr-olds. Biologist Richard Urbanek doubts that it will stay in one place, at least not currently. It knows where Wisconsin is and will return there at an unknown time."


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