Brian Reports: Whoopers in Saskatchewan!
April 25, 2008
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As you read Brian's report this week . . .

1. How many whoopers have now been confirmed in Canada?

2. What effect did the low pressure weather system (snow) have on the migration last week?

3. When does Brian expect the first birds to complete migration to the nesting grounds? What will enable their migration to start up again?

Dear Journey North,

Last Friday (April 18) a massive low pressure system moved into Alberta and Saskatchewan bringing strong winds and snow. It has snowed on and off each day since Saturday and is trying to snow again today (Tuesday, April 22). With the unfavourable migrating conditions the whooping cranes have been stalled in the southern half of Saskatchewan. With the birds on the ground it gives us an opportunity to find out where they are. To date we have had several groups of birds reported from as far north as Meadow Lake Saskatchewan. Other sightings have come from Leoville, Delaronde Lake, Debden, Saskatoon, St. Denis, Tessier, Colonsay, Lockwood, Last Mountain Lake, McLean, Moose Jaw and Dummer. In total 40 birds have been confirmed in the province. The snow is supposed to taper off later today and the winds are to be out of the south, so I expect the birds will be migrating again shortly. The first birds should be on the breeding grounds by the time you read this!
A family group during spring migration in Saskatchewan

Brian Johns
Wildlife Biologist
Canadian Wildlife Service
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada