Sara, Eva and Anna Report: An Exciting Week!
April 11, 2008

Dear Journey North,
It's been a busy week for me (Sara) in Wisconsin and for Richard, Anna and Eva, the trackers on the road. At least 40 birds are back. Not counting #735, who came on an airplane, #709 was the first ultralight-led (UL) crane to reach home! He arrived Friday, April 4, but he overflew the refuge! His signal was lost as he landed to roost, and he hasn’t been located since. For some reason, many of the returning juveniles will overfly the refuge and wander before returning to the refuge. Others will land and spend one or two nights on the refuge but then leave and wander before coming back and settling down for the summer. Crane#709 is sure to turn up soon. Other exciting news:

  • Everyone is listening for #733's arrival next! He was less than a day away (alone) when his signal was lost April 8 near rainy Chicago.
  • Eva and Anna report that #716, 717, 721, 724 and 726 remain in Indiana.
  • Cranes #707, 710 and 722 continued their migration on April 8 to Indiana, and likely continued northward on April 10.
  • Cranes #706, 712 and 713 left their Alabama stopover April 9. Eve and Anna hope to pick up their signals.
  • Traveling alone, #727 migrated two days this week. She is in Tennessee, and Anna now tracks her. Male #703 is a solo traveler, too, and Eva is tracking him.

In other news, a lot has been happening at Necedah! Read great news about W601, the flock's first and only wild-hatched chick, now almost 2 years old and with male #310.

The excitement is sure to continue!

Sara Zimorski, Aviculturalist
Eva Szyszkoski, Tracking Intern
Anna Fasoli, Tracking Crew Chief

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Exciting News: #211 and #217 have a nest and eggs! The "Royal First Parents" of W601 began incubating April 7.

Photo Richard Urbanek, ICF