Sara's Report: Busy Trackers, and New Future for #735
March 14, 2008

Dear Journey North,

As of March 10 (and NOT counting juveniles at the Chass pen), only FIVE Eastern flock Whooping Cranes remained on known wintering areas in Florida. At least 23 Whooping Cranes have begun spring migration and the Tracking Team is busy! Instead of tracking all adult birds to the completion of their migration, the tracking team focuses on tracking the juvenile ultralight chicks on their first migration north, but the trackers have been "practicing" on the older birds already underway. See photos and notes from trackers Eva and Colleen, below.

Last time I told you that we'd be looking into the problem that #735 is having with her right wing. This week you can see photos of the exam by the vet at Disney World, and hear what WCEP is thinking about #735's future. See slide show here.

Sara Zimorski, Aviculturist

Older members of the Eastern Flock are heading north!
Crane pair #212 and #419 lived in Pasco County, Florida until they departed north.
Photo Eva Szyszkoski, ICF

Cranes #511 and #316 seen flying near their wintering location in Marion County, Florida, before they departed north.

Photo Eva Szyszkoski, ICF

On Feb. 26 cranes #309 and #403 left their wintering area north of Inglis Florida. Trackers Eva and Colleen thought they might end up near Madison, Florida, in an area they had used earlier this winter.
Photo Anna Fasoli, ICF Tracking Crew Chief