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Eastern Flock Whooping Crane Pairs Incubating
Spring 2008

Active Nests as of May 2
#211 and #217 April 7

#213 and #218

April 8
#403 and #309 April 8
#318 and #313 April 13
#317 and #303 April 9
#212 and #419 Unknown (in Wood County)
#408 and #519 April 23
#311 and #312 April 15-17
#401 and 508 April 16

* #505 and #415's nest failed on April 30 (cause uncertain) when eggshells were discovered by the nest.

*#209 and #416's nest contained one broken egg when it was checked during an aerial survey conducted April 14; the pair is not likely to nest again because #209 is limping from a leg injury.

This represents the most number of pairs on nests in a given year!
2005: 2 pairs incubated
2006: 5 pairs incubated
2007: 4 pairs incubated

Journal Questions

  • If it takes 30 days to incubate the eggs, at what date will each pair's first egg hatch? Mark your calendars!
  • Which of the pairs have incubated in previous years?
  • What contributions have Pair 213 and 218 made to the population of the new Eastern flock? (Hint: Scroll down to read Spring 2006 and Spring 2007 history.)



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