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Highlights from the Migration Trail
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Find the latest news about the cranes. Click the tool beside the migration map. Look in the sightings database for news about each crane.

Can you find...

1. Which crane's signal did tracker Eva lose on April 8th due to strong winds and rain as the bird neared Chicago?

2. Eva was searching for the lost crane (#703) in the Chicago area when she heard signals of 5 cranes as they headed north. Which five cranes did Eva discover?

3. Male crane #706 was with the last group of cranes to leave the wintering pen in Florida. He was traveling with four other cranes. Which cranes are his travel mates now?

4. Why did so few cranes finish migration this week?


5. Chose one of the cranes and tell the story of its migration so far. Draw its route on a map. Include details that give your reader a sense of what Whooping Crane migration is like. (Write on back.)