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Highlights from the Migration Trail
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Find the latest news about the cranes. Click the tool beside the migration map. Look in the sightings database for news about each crane.

Can you find...

1. How many of the 74 cranes in the eastern flock have arrived at their summer home in Wisconsin so far?


2. Do males or females seem to be arriving first? Give numbers to back up your answer.
3. Which cranes traveled 300 miles in a single day (March 26th)?

4. On March 30th there was sad news about the death of young crane 714. What do the scientists think happened to her?


5. This year's 17 young cranes left their winter pen in Florida and began migration in three different groups. Which cranes were traveling together? What date did they leave?

Group #1: _____________________________ Departed: ______

Group #2: _____________________________ Departed: ______

Group #3: _____________________________ Departed: ______