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Where Did the Whoopers Spend Winter?
(Winter 2005- 2006)

Whoopers Here!
This map shows where cranes in the new Eastern flock spent the winter of 2005-06. All 19 ultralight-led chicks were at the big release pen at "Chass" (the X on the map).

The green circles and red triangles show where the "white birds" (older ultralight graduates) spent the last two winters.

  • What do you notice about the birds' winter locations?
  • How would you explain the general pattern?

THINK first, then look below.

Did you notice . . . that the ultralight graduates (except Crane #309) in the Eastern flock spread out and away from the Chass pen? (They had spent their first winter as chicks in the same huge pen.)

Why? It's natural for whoopers to seek new territory after they leave their parents. Later, when they pair up, they become highly territorial, protecting their turf and chasing all other cranes away. If older cranes hung around the pens, they could be dangerous to the first-year chicks. The chicks need a safe place, especially their first winter, where they slowly can become wild without older whoopers fighting them or chasing them away.



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