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Where Are the Whoopers?
(April 7, 2006)

Every spring we follow the migration of the very same cranes we tracked the previous fall. This spring we will tracl the journey north of our 19 young 2005 cranes with individual maps and details in their life stories. In total, however, there are now 64 whooping cranes in the Eastern flock. What about the older adults and subadults who have migrated before? Where are they now? Radio and satellite tracking as well as visual sighting reports help us keep track. We’ll update this chart each week, but remember: these are wild birds, not easy to keep track of. We simply do the best we can.

The last known locations for the adult and subadult Eastern whoopers (plus the four DAR (Direct Autumm Release) chicks who learned the route from wild adult cranes) are noted below, linked to their individual biographies for more details:

2005 Direct Autumn Release (DAR) Chicks: First Journey North!
Whooping Crane Location
DAR 527


DAR 532 (Migrating? Unknown.)
DAR 533 Migrating: Last in Indiana

2001-2004 "White" (adult or subadult) Eastern Cranes
Whooping Crane Location

105 and 204
216 and 303

309 in Michigan
301 and 311 in Michigan

201 and 306

On migration

211 and 217
213 and 218
316 and 312
402, 403, 412, 416, and 417
101 and 202
102 and 212
209 and 302
203 and 317
205 and 313

213 and 218
401, 407 and 408
419 and 420

Migration Complete!
Home in Wisconsin


Last Week's Locations

Please respect the wildness of the birds and obey WCEP Protocols:

  • On foot, do not approach within 600 feet.
  • In a vehicle, keep well outside of 800 feet and remain inside.
  • Always stay quiet and hidden. Do not speak so loudly that the birds can hear you.
  • Please do not trespass on private property in an attempt to view Whooping cranes.


The Next Eastern Flock Highlights Will Be Posted on April 7, 2006.  

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