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Responses to Challenge Question #3: Timing is Everything

Tom Stehn earlier said that whoopers get rewarded for migrating at the right time. We asked you to be alert for new information in Tom Stehn’s March 24 report to help with this question: “What determines the best time for whooping cranes to migrate? Give statements to support your answer.”

Hooray for Marcus, who carefully read Tom’s report! He made a good case with supporting statements based on his research:

Marcus F. (Homeschool in Mount Airy, Maryland. Grade 6)
"The best time for Whoopers to migrate is determined by experience, and then, natural selection helps ensure that the birds who made the best choices survive. The birds leave partly in response to degraded habitat conditions in their wintering grounds, such as diminishing food supplies. They also watch for weather that seems favorable for starting their journey. The weather during migration and upon arrival at their destination can affect them either positively or negatively. Bad weather during migration can slow or stop their progress. If they arrive too early, and the weather is still severe, this can lead to death. If they arrive too late, there may not be any good nesting spots for them, and even if they do nest, there may not be enough food for their young. All these variables make it difficult for Whoopers to accomplish their journey."
Marcus Firmani, (Sixth Grade)

Seventh graders from Iselin Middle School
Three cheers for the students who listed critical factors such as instinct and weather. They said the birds migrate to get to warmer weather, to raise their young, and to find food.

All together, these answers are impressive!

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