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Meet the Cranes
Map of nesting grounds

A New Generation
Several new Whooping Crane chicks are in their first month of life in Wisconsin, with more coming. The parent-reared Class of 2017 is hatching. The juveniles are wandering far and wide. We watch and hope! More...

Tiny chick #24-17, held in hands for weighing on May 22, 2017
  Captive-born Whooping Crane chicks will become the Class of 2017
Operation Migration, May 22, 2017

On the brink of extinction, only 15 wild migratory Whooping cranes remained in the early 1940s. Since 2001, with ultralight aircraft leading the way, a new wild flock is being reintroduced to the eastern U.S. The goal is 25 breeding pairs from 125 birds by 2020. This new flock has had limited success in nesting, and the fragile migratory population has a rocky road ahead. Why is it so hard for an endangered species to recover? The new Eastern flock provides a unique chance to learn about the challenges of survival.


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