Whooping Crane Migration News
Fall 2017
September - January

Watch the Fall 2017 season's story unfold.
Whooping crane family in flight
Klaus Nigge
The Costume-Reared Chicks
Heather Ray
Parent-Reared Chicks
Heather Ray

Fall Migration 2017

Follow fall migration highlights as the Whooping cranes migrate to their wintering grounds.

The Costume-Reared Chicks
September 15, 2017

As fall migration approaches, seven of this fall's Whooping Crane chicks are nearing independence.

The Parent-Reared Chicks
September 28, 2017

Parent-Reared Whooping crane chicks arrived in Wisconsin on September 12th. Each one has a unique legband.

Whooping crane family in flight
Heather Ray
Whooping crane family in flight
Heather Ray
Whooping crane family in flight
Leroy Harrison

This Year's 18 Chicks
October 12, 2017

As the time for migration approaches, whooping crane chicks must be strong fliers ready to travel long distances.

Watching and Waiting
October 26, 2017

November is fast approaching, so we’re all watching and waiting for the slightest sign that the 18 young cranes will begin migration.

On the Move!
November 10, 2017

Whooping cranes in the eastern migratory population are heading south! What cues tell them it's time to go?

Whooping crane family in flight
Jon Chandler
Whooping crane family in flight
Operation Migration

Gone South - and Not
November 29, 2017

Migration is complete for some, others are still en route, and other cranes are being coaxed to leave Wisconsin.

Where Are they Now?
December 14, 2017

What do you do when 7 young cranes refuse to migrate? Status of the Costume-Reared Chicks.