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Whooping Crane Migration News
Fall 2016
September - January

Watch the Fall 2016 season's story unfold. Also see:
Looking Back: Fifteen Years
of Aircraft-led Migration
Whooping crane family in flight
Klaus Nigge
Five young Whooping cranes, Class of 2016Operation Migration

Whooping cranes Building Flight Skills
Heather Ray, Operation Migration

Fall Migration 2016

Follow fall migration highlights as the Whooping cranes migrate to their wintering grounds.

Year of Transition Begins
September 19, 2016

Meet the Class of 2016, the first cranes in a new plan to build the flock. What's changed, and why?

Building Flight Skills
October 4, 2016

The young cranes are practicing flight after trying their wings for the first time. What challenges lie ahead for fall migration?

Whooping cranes Building Flight Skills
Heather Ray, Operation Migration

Whooping cranes Building Flight Skills
Colleen Chase

Whooping cranes Building Flight Skills
Samuel Burckhardt

Heading South (or Not)
October 24, 2016

The humans planned for birds to lead birds on migration this year, but at least one Whooping Crane colt didn't get that memo.

Waiting & Hoping for Success
November 20, 2016

Colts in the Class of 2016 have been mostly on their own to figure out what cranes do in autumn. New developments are encouraging!

Going South!
December 14, 2016

An arctic blast arrived in Wisconsin and all of this year's 10 surviving parent-reared juveniles are off on their first migration, or already at their winter homes.



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