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Note: These Challenge Questions coincide with the Spring 2001 Reports

From: Thiongo Seseseko (thiongoseko@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 19:29:48 EDT

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    Dear Sir,

    I presume to address this issue by post expresses
    to you, but due to time, I decided to put it on E-mail
    transmission because of the urgency.Furthermore,I am
    MR. THIONGO SESE SEKO a second son to late President
    MOBUTU SESE SEKO of Zaire (Now Democratic Republique
    de Congo), I contacted you because of l am in need of
    your help.After the death of my father
    SESESEKO) my family had been subjected to all sorts of
    harassment and intimidation with lots of negative
    report from the present Government of President
    LAURENT KABILA now late.l my self was arrested and
    detained for some years, but l was released after his
    death by his son Joseph kabila who is now the
    president of (D R C).Just a few days after my father?s
    death in morocco, l managed to secure physical cash of
    US$19.4m from my late father?s special built
    underground vault,where he usually kept his treasures
    before transferring them
    to overseas. Now this is my reason of contacting you,
    I want you to assist me by investing this money in
    country because of the favorable economic climate and
    non-closeness to my country, as I have no order
    alternative and as a result of this, I secure this
    money i.e. US$19.4M in Global Vault by boxes for a
    security purposes before I was arrested If you are
    willing to assist me to invest in
    your country with this liquid cash, please send me
    acceptance E-mail or you can call me in my phone
    number 242-11-457592. And I assure you 100% risk
    free and suitable conpensation for
    your kindly assistance.

    Yours faithfully,

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