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Note: These Challenge Questions coincide with the Spring 2001 Reports

From: Bob McDonald (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 22:03:19 EDT

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    Saundra McDonald, 3rd Grade Teacher
    McGillis JCC Elementary School
    2425 E. Heritage Way
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

    Mystery Sites:
            #1 Safi, Morocco 32.3 N 9.2 W ( From the clues we thought
    this might be Casablanca,
    decided to go with Safi because of the longitude)

           #2 Kuala Lumpur, Maylaysia 3.1 N l0l.6 E

            #3 Montevideo, Uruguay 34.8 S 56.0 W

            #4 Anganguero, Mexico 19.6167 N 100.3 W

             #5 McMurdo, Antarctica 77.8 S 166.7 E

            #6 Croydon, England 51.35 N 0.2 W ( This is a
    best guess using the large library
                                                               atlas. Croydon
    is a burrough of London which is 51.5 N 0.4 W)

            #7 Auckland, New Zealand 37.0 S 174.8 E

            #8 Hong Kong, China 22.3 N 114.2 E

             #9 LaPaz, Bolivia 16.5 S 68.2 W

            #10 Beijing, China 39.9 N 116.3 E

    My class has had a great time tracking down clues and charting the
    photoperiods. We were all excited to see the lines cross on the Spring
    Equinox -- and have been amazed to see how fast the Antarctic has gone from
    total daylight to almost total darkness. It was dramatic. We have learned
    a lot about latitude and longitude, time zones, atlases, and resource books.
    What a fun activity. We can hardly wait until next year. Of course, we are
    on pins and needles waiting to see how close we came this year! Keep up the
    good work!!!

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