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Note: These Challenge Questions coincide with the Spring 2001 Reports

From: Tamara Ryder (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 13:29:59 EDT

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    Greetings from Montgomery Elementary School in Montgomery, NY 41.31N,74.14W. We worked very hard in Mrs. Ryder's science class to give you our answers to challenge question #5.

    Mystery Class #1                    Justine G., Michelle H., Frank G., Ray G., Zac W

    After reading the four clues carefully, we think Mystery Class #1 is located in Lisbon, Portugal.  We think it is Portugal because we read in a book that it had an earthquake in 1755 and that was a clue. The coordinates for Lisbon are 38.43N and 9.8W.  We also read that Portugal has tons of eucalyptus trees that are from Australia.  Portugal also has bacalhau  which means dried, salted cod.  Portugal is shaped like a face.  The climate is about 28 degrees Celsius in the summer.  Portugal also falls between the Mediterranean and Atlantic climate zones.  According to the clues we ! think that Mystery Class #1 is located in Lisbon, Portugal.

    Mystery Class #2                 Group Members: Nino, Noah, Joe, Sarah, Mariam

    Have you ever forgotten anything or tried to figure something out. Well then you could try using the mystery class no.2 group to help you out. Our group found out the mystery place without ?much? trouble. We found out that our secret location was Malaka, Malaysia : 2.12N, 102.15E, which is on the continent of Asia. Our most helpful clues were the longitude and latitude and the agricultural products. Our group fooled around a little too much but we got the work done.

    Mystery class #3                                Emily, Michelle, Mike, Dan, Andrew

                We think our place is Montevideo, Uruguay   34.53S, 56.11W. We think it is Montevideo Because of the name. ?Monte? means mountain/hill, and video means to see. Also because Montevideo has an estuary called Rio de la Plata. The country of Uruguay also has a large supply of meat, wool and other livestock products. This is why our group thinks our mystery class place is Montevideo, Uruguay.

     Mystery Class # 4                   Logan, Jett, John, Ashley, and James

    After many weeks of research and hard work we have decided on our mystery class location. We figured out our longitude. (100.25) Then based on all our clues we figured out that our class is somewhere in Mexico. Mexico has almost 9,000 miles of coastline and in 2000 the country population was almost 200,000, which answers two of our clues. Then to figure out our state we found one that had the Rio Balsas (a.k.a. Rio Mescala) as one of its borders. To find our city we figured out the second largest volcano in Mexico, Popocatepetl, and went 132 miles north west of it. A town near there was close to our longitude, so we figured it might be that town. It?s called Toluca, Mexico 19.17N, 99.40W.

     Mystery class #5                                Matt, Jackie, Leah, Vinny, Tommy

    Our group decided that our mystery place is McMurdo Station in Antarctica.  McMurdo Station is located a 77degrees south and 166 degrees east and this is exactly what our group calculated.  We think that the mystery class is located here because it is surrounded by volcano rock like the clue that you gave to us recently.  We also found out that it was located on Ross Island. At first we had no clue where our mystery place was located. All we knew was that it was located in the southern hemisphere. After a couple more clues we had enough information to figure out our mystery place. 

    Mystery Class # 6                               Suzanne, Katie, Alison, Zack, Tyler

                We found out that our mystery place is in London, England 51.30N, 0.10W. We had to do a lot of research with our clues. The clue that helped us a lot was that Captain Charles Lindberg and Amy Johnson had taken off from our mystery place. They had taken off in London. The clue that helped us figure out exactly where our place was that trams in the mystery place had been shut down in 1959 so, we went to trams on a search engine and found that the London trams had reopened from when they have been shut down. It took us a long time to find out where our mystery place was. We had fun and hope! we are right.

    Mystery Class number #7                                Deena, Sara, Joey, Justin

    This was a challenging and fun assignment, but we worked together as a team.  It took us a while, but we gathered all of our research, narrowed it down to determine that our mystery location was in Auckland, New Zealand 36.52S, 174.46E.  We worked together really hard as a group and valued each other?s ideas.  We looked up information and researched facts that we received from the atlas, computers, and other resources.  As a team we concentrated on our project and were very anxious to find o! ut where our location was.  

          At first we had no idea where our Mystery location was.  The only things that we knew were from the hints that we received off of the Internet.  One of the things that really helped us were the hints about longitude and latitude, as well clues about the land area such as the size, weather and resources.  The longitude that we got was 36.52 South and 174.46 East.  This project kept us really curious and motivated.  This was a fun, educational, and wonderful experience!

     Mystery Class #8                                Diana, Joe, Kerry, Donny, Christopher

                Our mystery class is in Hong Kong because all of our clues have fit in this city. Our clues for Hong Kong were we had one official language until 1974, a lot of people speak two different languages. Police officers wear green, and the ones that speak English have a red borderline on the shoulder. The city is a large exporter of toys. Hong Kong has the world?s longest twin deck (road and rail traffic) suspension bridge. Over 2 million tourists come to Hong Kong a year. This city has over 6 million people living in it. We had 1 official language until 1974. Lots of people speak two different languages. The city is surrounded by a sea, some people live on junks. The latitude is 22.17 degrees north, and longitude is 114.09 degrees east. That is why we think our mystery class is Hong Kong.

    Mystery class #9                                            Anthony, Erica, Nick, Chris, and Kendall

                Our guess for our mystery class is La Paz, Bolivia 16.30S, 68.09W. We first thought it was in Peru.  Then we found out that Peru didn?t have two capitals, Bolivia did.  The second clue threw us off because Bolivia and Peru both have the same language.  Since our photoperiod was decreasing we found our continent was South America.  We found that our city was La Paz because it is the closest to the lake Titicaca.  We hope that our guess is right.  

     Mystery Class #10                              Brittany, Corey, Diane, Tommy, and Justin

                Our Mystery Class (Class #10) is located in Beijing, China 39.55N, 116.25E.  The main clues we used were: that gunpowder was invented in this country, that kuaizi means chopsticks and that there isn?t a river flowing through! this city.  We used these clues because they best and most obvious to use and research.  We also used the fact that the longitude of 116.33 and that the latitude is n 39.25 to find China.  After the first two clues we figured out that #10 is in China.  We didn?t find out it is in Beijing until the last clue: This is one of the few cities that doesn?t have a river flowing through it. 





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