Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

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Note: These Challenge Questions coincide with the Spring 2001 Reports

From: Steve Maanum (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 16:53:03 EST

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    our class is really enjoynig the eagle research. As part of our extnded
    study we travel with researchers as they check nests and band eaglets.
    The enclosed photo is of a dead bald eagle brought into our class this
    morning by one of our local DNR wildlife specialists. It was found dead
    in the woods by some snowmobilers. It was alongside a dead deer which
    may have indicated the eagle was going to feed on the carcass. Reasons
    for death?? We are checking. Most evidence hints at a trapper that set
    a trap by the deer hoping a coyote or fox, etc. would come along. He
    never counted on the eagle. When he saw it, he probably paniced, took
    his trap, and left the eagle. This is only a guess for now.

    As to question #2. The class had three possibilities for catching
    ducks, depending on the time of year. In the spring and early summer
    they might swoop down and pick up young ducks that aren't flying yet.
    In the fall and early winter they will most likely pick up the weak and
    wounded from the hunting seasons. We have watched eagles swoop down on
    swimming ducks and as long as the ducks dive at the right times, they
    are safe. If an eagle can spook the ducks into flying, they can swoop
    down hitting the duck with enough force to stun it or knock it to the
    ground. Then they pick it up in their talons. The fourth way of
    grabbing them with their talons in midflight was brought up but we
    weren't sure. Let us know. Thanks

    Steve Maanum's fifth grade class
    Park Rapids, MN


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