Spring, 1997
Jim Gilbert

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Challenge Question # 1

Michael Daugherty (daughert_m@popmail.firn.edu)
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 13:20:11 -0400

I predict that the monarchs will be arriving at the over-wintering site
in Mexico in three months, which will be December 9th, 1998. The reason
why I picked three months is because last year it took three months. --
Tisha Malcolm, 5th Grade

I think they will arrive in Mexico on September 26th, 1998 because I
went to Mexico and it took 17 days to get there. -- Stewart Manners, 4th

I predict it will be on December 18, 1998. I thought it would take about
3 months. That's my guess. -- Erin Gillespie, 5th Grade

I think it is going to take 2 months. October 30th is my guess.
-- Cody Schraw, 4th Grade

Mr. Daugherty's Classroom
4th and 5th Grade
Citrus Elementary
Indian River County Public Schools
Vero Beach, Florida