Teacher Tips:
Using Journey North for Kids
<< What is Journey North for Kids?
  • Go outside and observe nature first-hand! Follow the same inquiry strategies that are modeled in Journey North for Kids activities, and use the same teaching tools provided.
  • Use Journey North for Kids activities to inspire new questions, writing, performances, further research, and other active learning.
  • Ask students to respond to Journey North for Kids readings and questions in their journals.
  • A Teacher's Guide is provided for many of the Journey North for Kids selections. Look for a link from the student page. Try the teaching ideas and tools, and send us your suggestions. (Contact Journey North.)
  • Give students time, individually or in small groups, to explore Journey North for Kids materials for the species you're studying. Alternatively, select and bookmark activities and booklets that fit with an instructional goals, theme, or reading level.
  • Use Journey North for Kids with Preschoolers
  • Video Clips: Some Journey North for Kids activities use compelling video clips. If you have the right media player on your computer, you or students can simply click on a clip and view it once it downloads. If not, don't give up! Click below for tips:
    MAC Users: Viewing Video Clips
    PC Users: Viewing Video Clips