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    "found" monarchs

    Gayle Kloewer (gkloewer@esu6.esu6.k12.ne.us)
    Sun, 7 Sep 1997 18:08:55 -0500

    With school starting up again we have been able to compile a list of
    the monarchs that made it to York, Nebraska in the spring symbolic
    migration. Our butterflies arrived the day before school was out
    so it was difficult to post the list then. We hope this will still be

    >From Canada: Yasmina, Arianne Francisco, Brayan L., Mike, and ?????
    from Ontario and ????? from Nova Scotia

    >From Colorado: Agustin of Eagle

    >From Florida: Keith from Jacksonville and Jocy Hodaog from Lockhart
    Middle School in Orlando

    >From Illinois: Neal Daniels of Mandelein and Abigail from Rocton

    >From Lessenger Elem: Christopher McCabe and Chelsea King

    >From Maryland: Thomas Chroniger and Daniel McKnew of Crofton and
    Annie of Damascus

    >From Mexico: Hector Flores, Rocio, Ivan Manzano, Miguel, Diana,
    Veronica, Laura, and Roman. Also Alicia from Constitucion de la
    Republica and Brenda Leon Valdez from Mexico. Jazmin Ramierez from
    Loma Linda, Mexico

    >From Minnesota: Briana Rickertsen, Alex Robins, and Travis
    Fraser of Northfield and Eric Hever of Maplewood. Also the Wm Budd
    Elementary of Fairmont

    >From Missouri: James from Blue Spring

    >From New Jersey: B. J. from Pilesgrove

    >From North Dakota: Colin Swanson of Minot

    >From Ohio: Adrian Poston from The Plains

    >From Oley Pa: Jaime Williams, JoAnn Scherer, and Eric Steffe

    >From Ritzingen Elementary: Quinton Patterson

    >From San Bernadino, CA: Juan Mendez, Crystal Maldonado, Brigirt
    Adviento, Tyler O'Keefe, mark Vorise, Valerie Vasques

    >From Smithfield, NC: Brad Fletcher, Royalty Barfield, Kevin,
    Michiel, Richard, and Jowette

    >From Tennessee: Toni of Woodlawn and John from Knoxville

    >From Texas: Amber Norris, Justin Wakefield, and Aaron Steel of Azle
    and Ivonna Julieta and Beth Dotson of Vidor.

    >From Virginia: Heather from Harrisonburg and Jessica Hamilton from

    >From West Des Moines, IA: Caitlyn Lines, Carlos, Randy, and Jordan

    There were others we couldn't read from both America and Mexico. Our
    biggest thrill this fall was one of our students heard back about her
    butterfly which came to us with a Spanish message by way of Canada!!!

    If anyone found one of our butterflies (York Middle School, York, NE)
    please let us know at this e-mail address:

    Hope to hear from someone!
    7th grade science students