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    Book Review

    Donald Davis (Donald_Davis@stubbs.woodsworth.utoronto.ca)
    Thu, 22 May 1997 14:36:29 -0500

    Temperature at 2pm, May 22nd, in Toronto 52 F. Winds strong and almost dir=
    ectly out of the north. Not good news for migrating monarchs.

    Here is a book review reference I came across today.

    Also, the most recent issue of =22THE MONARCH NEWSLETTER=22 was received i=
    n the mail today, with an excellent description of our most recent trip to =
    Mexico, and yes, that is a picture of yours truly munching on a seeds from =
    a seed pod of A. glaucescens. Locals approached us to find out what we were=
    doing as we looked for monarch eggs and larva along the Highway 15 west of=
    Zitacuaro. They told us that the dried pods were fed to farm animals and =
    the immature pods are used a snacks by local residents. Taste was similar t=
    o melon or immature sunflower seeds.

    Don Davis

    Toronto, ON