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    Classroom Practice

    shapiroa (shapiroa@concentric.net)
    Mon, 10 Mar 1997 19:10:27 -0500

    I would like to turn our attention in this discussion group to the
    practice of JN. Since this is a long-term project, I am having
    difficulty keeping my students interest. I am having my students work
    in groups of about 5 students. Each student is given a task to complete
    such as tracking their species on a wall map. I would like to know what
    others are doing in their classroom to keep the interest level up? Also
    how much class time are you doing JN activities compared to other
    science curriculum? One last question..does your classroom have a
    connection to the net? I think one of my problems is the access to the

    Alan Shapiro
    Largo High School
    410 Missouri Ave.
    Largo, FL 33770