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    Today's News

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  • Bio-Regional Quiz

    Here's a fun way to learn about your partner school--and try to guess where they're located. Take the Bio-Regional quiz. Then, exchange the information your partner school.

    • Today's photoperiod. (Give exact sunrise & sunset times.)
    • Today's temperatures (high/low/average).
    • Average temperatures for this day (high/low).
    • Length of our growing season. (Defined as # days between the last spring frost and the first fall frost.)
    • Our USDA "Plant Hardiness Zone" (To find your zone, see the map on any seed packet or garden book.)
    • Our watershed (Begin with the big picture. Identify into which major body of water your region ultimately drains: Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, Altantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, or Hudson Bay. Later, name the river that empties into the ocean, and so on, tracing back to the river in your own, local watershed.)
    • The name of the species of fish most commonly caught in our local waters.
    • Our total annual precipitation.
    • The number of inches of rain/year.
    • The number of inches of snow/year.
    • The dates of the following Journey North spring events:
      • ice-out
      • leaf-out
      • 1st robin (or sightings of winter robins)
    • Our own ideas…….