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  • Tulips Emerged
    Reported as of May 9, 1997

    This chart shows the date tulips emerged in the 7 gardens who reported since our April 25th update. Here are their locations:
    Date Town State/Prov. Observer's E-mail
    04/20/97 Scarbrough ON pkalan@arcos.org
    05/05/97 Harvey Station NB hanselaa@nbed.nb.ca
    05/05/97 Anchorage AK sterling@corecom.net
    04/28/97 Littleton NH prothney@moose.ncia.net
    04/24/97 Madison WI brownea@verona.k12.wi.us
    04/22/97 Cameron ON ftps.journey-north@fc.victoria.edu.on.ca
    04/21/97 Omemee ON syps.journey-north@fc.victoria.edu.on.ca