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  • Elaina Ricchetti

    Northern Oriole
    By Elaina Ricchetti

    The Baltimore Northern Oriole is also called the Icterus Galbula. A main family member is the Bullock Oriole. The Colours on the Northern Oriole are flame orange and a black head. For the females the colours are a dull or olive green on the top and mostly yellow on the bottom.

    The size of the Northern Oriole is about 18-20cm in length. The winter ranges are in American tropics and Southern Mexico southward. Winter habitat is often in a nest overhanging the city. The summer range is in Canada and central. U.S also east of Mississippi River. Summer Habitat is often in American Elm trees .

    The Baltimore Orioles often breed with the Bullock Orioles. They breed in open woods, elms, and shaded trees.

    The Orioles voice is a rich, piping song with whistled notes.