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  • Michelle Liu and Shivali Bedi

    Black and White Warbler (Mniotilta varia)
    By Eric Singh and Jordan Washburn

    Family: The Warbler family.
    Colours: Black and White.
    Identifying Marks: They have black and white stripes down the head and the back.
    They also have black dots on their chest.

    Winter Range: Some Black and White Warblers stay in Florida or along the Gulf Coast.
    Summer Range: The birds breed across Southern Canada East of the Rockies. In U.S.A East of the Great Plains.
    Food Sources: It eats Insects.

    Rod Murray
    (The following information pertains to the Black and White Warbler pictured here while being banded at Long Point Bird Observatory.)

    Sex: The bird is male.
    Weight: The bird weighs 11.1g
    Band #: Number 36.
    Band Particulars: Band size is 08.