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  • Carol M. and Ryan A.

    About Backus Woods

    Backus Woods is the largest remaining Carolinian forest in Canada. (Because many of the trees species are rarely found this far north, and are typical of American southern forests, the forest is called "Carolinian".) It is one of the largest remaining woodlots in southwestern Ontario. It is nearly 500 hectares (1235 acres) of continuous forest. Of this, 263 hectares (650 acres) of woodland is owned by the Long Point Region Conservation Authority. A wooded swamp contains Black gum trees that are about 400 years old. Some of the common trees would include: Sugar Maple, Beech, Yellow Birch, Red Maple, Black Gum, Sweet Chestnut, Swamp White Oak and Flowering Dogwood.

    Some of the things that we looked for at Backus Woods are wildlife, wildlife shelter, tree cavities, and the forest edge. You should probably know that scientists have divided Ontario into five main forest regions. Each region is full of large geographical produce, a similar type of forest under natural circumstances. The Carolinian Forest is the southernmost forest region of the province.

    Amphibian Migration Of Backus Woods
    Rod Murray

    Something that happens every spring is the migration of frogs, toads and salamanders from the woods to their breeding ponds. Some of the salamanders that you may see there are: Newts, Red backed, Yellow spotted, Blue spotted and Jefferson. The frogs you might see are the wood frog and the Grey tree frog. We found most of these during our visit there.

    Breeding Birds of Backus Woods
    Written by: Cheri Easton & Vanessa Cooper

    Some of The Breeding Birds of Backus Woods Include:

    • Red-Shouldered Hawk
    • Blue-Winged Warbler
    • Yellow Billed Cuckoo
    • Prothonotary Warbler
    • Acadian Flycatcher
    • Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
    • Yellow-Throated Vireo
    • Orchard Oriole