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  • Students Answer Gray Whale Challenge Question #2
    "Gaining at a rate of about 1.2 pounds per hour, how much total weight has the calf gained since her arrival at Sea World on January 11?"

    From: NEW YORK
    This is Claire Modica of the whale team from Mrs. Berger's 5th grade class at the East Hills School in Roslyn, LI. I think that the total weight that the Gray whale calf has gained since her arrival at Sea World on Jan 11th, gaining at a rate of about 1.2 lbs/hr is 1,123.2 lbs. There were 39 days since Jan.11 and since I wrote this, Feb.19th. At 24 hrs. per day, I multiplied 24 x 1.2 and got 28.8. I then multiplied 28.8 x 39 and got 1,123.2.
    Claire Modica
    c/o Joan Berger
    Internet Educational Consultant
    Roslyn Public Schools, Roslyn, NY

    From: OREGON
    Dear Journey North,
    Cameron Keeney and Emma Lindsey-Hunter figured out that from Jan. 11th to Feb. 25th was 34 days. We then multiplied 34 x 24 hrs = 816. Finally, we multiplied 816 x 1.2 = 979.2 pounds. Wow! that is almost unbelievable.
    Your Friends,
    Mrs. Kennedy's First Grade Class
    St. John the Baptist School
    Ellen Kennedy (

    My fifth grade class came up with this answer to Challenge Question #1: If the starting time was at 12:00 AM on January 12th and we calculated JJ's weight until February 26th at 12:00 AM, then we have 45 days at 28.8 pounds per day which brings her total weight gain to 1296 pounds. Thanks! My kids really had fun figuring this out.
    Sincerely, Alicia Nosworthy
    Alicia Nosworthy (

    From: TEXAS
    Hi! My name is Jason Miranda from Lorenzo Elemetary. We are in Mrs.Davis' science class. We think that the whale weighs 1,296.0 pounds.
    Mrs. Davis' 6th grade class
    Lorenzo, Texas

    Gaining at the rate of 1.2 pounds per hour, the calf has gained 229.4 pounds at Sea World from January 11 to February 19th..
    --Ashley Hawkins
    Ms. Heilman's ,5th Period, 7th Grade
    User Name (

    We figured that , not counting January 11th, the new gray whale has gained 1,123.2 pounds. We counted 39 days and figured that the whale gained 28.8 pounds per day. This is a Challenge Class of third graders from Katherine Curren Elementary in.
    Hopkins, MN.
    Sue DeWit (

    From: FLORIDA
    Hi! We are the 5th period class from Oak Hall School. The answer to your challenge question is 1,123.2 pounds!!!! That's one big baby!!! Your Friends,
    Brittany Jones, Sara Morris, Victoria Gregory
    OHS Science Lab (

    From: VERMONT
    Jennifer from Ferrisburgh Central School, Ferrisburgh, VT figures that the baby calf gained 1065.6 pounds in the 37 days from when the calf came to Sea World to the day the report was posted. Jennifer multiplied 24 hours with the 37 days and then multiplied that by 1.2 to get the answer.
    Linda Thurber (

    The answer to challenge question #1 for the gray whales is 1,123.2 pounds in 39 days. This answer is from Mrs. Amy Driscoll's second grade class at the Timothy Dwight School in Fairfield, CT.
    Dwight School (