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  • Students Answer Bald Eagle Challenge Question #3
    "After reviewing the data for both of our eagles, where was Eagle #N99 on February 20th? Where do you suspect he is finding food? Do you think he is migrating yet? Why or why not?"
    N99 location: 02/20/97 12:03 h 40.801 N 76.832 W
    Not migrating yet. If anything -- we can't tell yet from only three sightings -- he's moving south (and west a little.) He's probably finding food in the rivers; they eat fish. It's been a warm winter here. There's not much ice covering rivers or ponds in NY or New England.I go to Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge, MA. Jacob Bloom
    Steve Krasner (

    From: COLORADO
    The answer to the first part of the question was 25 miles from Harrisburg. They are gathering food on the Suequehanna river. They are migrating because it's the migrating season.
    From, Josh Mendez and Joel Perez
    Angevine Middle School
    Lafayette CO

    Dear Journey North,
    To answer your Challenge Question #3, the longtitude and lattitude is 76.832 degrees west by 40.801 degrees north at 12:03. We coould not find your location so we used the information you provided us with. We suspect that he is feeding around Florida. We think he is migrating because the initial report says that they are around New York.
    Lisa McGinley (

    From: NEW YORK
    Ms. Lobb's period 6 class from Hudson Falls Middle School, Hudson Falls, New York answers: Eagle #N99 was in Manchester, PA. He is finding food in the Susquehanna River. He is not migrating yet. They are going south instead of north because of changes in the weather and location of food.

    From: NEW YORK
    Ms. Lobb's period 5 class from Hudson Falls Middle School, Hudson Falls, New York answers: The bald eagle is in the town of New Holland, PA by the Susquehanna River. He is not migrating because the weather was warm last week and this week the weather cooled down.
    Hudson Falls Middle School (

    From: MAINE
    Hi Journey North,
    Eagle #99 is around Sunbury Pennsylvania on the Susquehanna River. We think he is finding food in the river. If you tagged this eagle in NY then he's migrating south? My teacher is confused.
    Southwest Harbor, Maine
    Fran Howley (

    We think the eagle N99 is somewhere in the area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We think it is beginning to migrate. The bird may be getting its food from The Delaware River or Delaware Bay.
    Tracey Schaum (

    Eagle N99 is in New York on the border of Canada by Lake Ontario. We think it gets its food in Lake Ontario. We don't think it is migrating yet. The latitude longitude number show that the eagle is not moving. Eagle Team
    Laura Kindig, 3rd Grade
    Museum Magnet School
    St. Paul, MN 55103

    From: VERMONT
    Matthew R. thinks that the bald eagle was over the Atlantic Ocean on February 20th.
    Ferrisburgh Central School
    Linda Thurber (

    From: COLORADO
    Eagle N99 was at Shomokino I suspect he was eating at river Chemung I dont think he is migrating yet because he is just going in circles to find food.
    Jessica Luginbill, Alejandra Venegas, Clay Buffo, Dustin Halcomb-Fowler and Sadie Calkins

    #N99 was at 40.801 N latitude and 76.832 w longitude Ottawa, Canada I think he is feeding of the Trois-Rivi`eres (we have a french map) I think he is migrating because he has moved into Canada.
    Danny, Relan, Debra and George