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  • Students Answer Challenge Question #2
    "How far did Caribou # 3924 travel between February 6 and February 11? Between February 11 and February 16? In total, how many miles do you think she moved?"

    From: IOWA Februrary 6-11
    0.007 degrees North Latitude
    1.409 degrees West Longitude
    Februrary 11-16
    0.212 degrees North Latitude
    0.168 degrees West Longitude
    Matt Morain, Tina Hallinan, Erin Farnsworth, Jim Barbee
    Matthew Morain (
    Jefferson Scranton Middle School
    Jefferson, Iowa United States

    From: MARSHALL ISLANDS 10 miles west; 5 miles north Kirsten & Loanne
    G. Seitz Elementary School
    Kwajalein, Marshall Islands
    George Seitz Elementary School (

    From: COLORADO
    caribouu #3924 traveled about 100 miles from February 6-11 and about 200 miles from the February 11- 16. In total she traveled about 300 miles. Hassan Bateman, John Simmms, Lisa Novak,Stacy Miller
    Angevine Middle School
    Lafayette, CO