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    Challenge Question #8

    Jay S Phillips (jsphilli@access.k12.wv.us)
    Mon, 14 Apr 97 12:11:03 PDT

    We predict the tulip garden in Utsjoki, Finland will bloom on May 30,
    1997. We have one student (Casey Buskirk) who predicted May 15th. He feels
    very confident in his answer, so we are including it also. :-)

    3rd Graders
    Kanawha Elementary
    Davisville, WV

    Casey Buskirk
    Amber Cale
    Traci Crites
    Robert Magruder
    Matt MArion
    Stephanie Mercer
    With assistance from Mrs. Faith Gemmer
    Name: Jay S. Phillips
    E-mail: jsphilli@p34.s212.c96.k12.wv.us (Jay S. Phillips)
    Date: 4/14/97
    Time: 12:11:04 PM

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