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    St. Jean de Brbeuf School (
    Mon, 10 Feb 97 22:02:01 -2400


    Greetings from Bradford, Ontario, home of =B3Gwilly the Carrot.=B2 Our sc=
    is St.Jean de Brebeuf School and we are located on a tall hill in=20
    Bradford that overlooks the Holland Marsh, the great vegetable growing=20
    area of Canada! Here, groundhogs are quite common and can be found=20
    anywhere along the Holland Marsh and just north of town at Scanlon Creek=20
    Conservation Park.

    In our area, spring usually arrives by late March with daytime=20
    temperatures rising above 4.0 C. At these temperatures, the first=20
    sightings of groundhogs usually occur. The length of day or =B3photoperio=
    would be about 12 hours.

    Our class did some interesting research about groundhogs and found out=20
    about how they build their homes underground. We didn=B9t realize how=20
    interesting they are complete with nest, toilet chamber, spy-hole and=20
    main entrance. We also discovered that groundhogs are part of the=20
    =B3squirrel family.=B2

    Trivia Question# 1: Did you know that in addition to =B3Wiarton Willie=B2=
    =B3Punxsutawny Phil=B2 there is another city that boasts a famous groundh=
    Can you name it?
    (hint: it is a Canadian capital)

    Trivia Question # 2: What are the names given to the groundhog?

    Fun Challenge: How many different words can you spell using the letters=20
    in =B3Punxsutawny?=B2 Let us know how you do!

    So long from the from the Vegetable Capital of Canada

    Mr. Twigg=B9s Grade 5/6 Classroom
    St. Jean de Brebeuf School
    Bradford, Ontario

    P.S. The high temperature on Groundhog Day in Bradford was 2 C with=20
    cloudy skies!
    I guess it will be an early spring.