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  • Question #6

    The Harralsons (jbharr@telis.org)
    Wed, 19 Mar 1997 21:50:23 -0800

    We think that the first robin will reach Anchorage, Alaska on March 31. We
    think the robin migration moves with the 36 degree isotherm. March 31 is
    when most of us think that isotherm will reach Anchorage. We based our
    predication on the weather information on the Sand Hill School WEB page and
    by comparing colored printouts of two of Journey North's colored weather
    maps. We also know that there have been some robins around our area all
    winter. Our isotherm rarely reached below 36 degrees.
    Mrs. Harralson's third grade class, Camino School, Camino, CA