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  • challenge question #4

    Mrs. Angela Knight (aknight@accs.net)
    Fri, 7 Mar 1997 15:21:28 -0500

    Challenge Question # 4:
    "Why do you think male robins return before the females? What are the
    advantages and disadvantages of arriving early in the spring?"

    The following answers are from 6th grade students in Mrs. Knight's science
    classes at Frankfort Middle School in Frankfort, IN:

    Rachael Morgan:
    I think males arrive first because they get ready to mate and the
    females have young to take care of so they get there later. One
    disadvantage of getting there earlier is taht not all animals and things are
    there for food. One advantage is that they can get a better place to live
    first before all other animals take them. Another disadvantage is that it
    is cooler earlier in the spring.

    Jenna Blank:
    I think the male robins may return before the females as a way to
    check and see that it's safe, and protection for the females. Some
    advantages of coming early are that you may get the best homes, because
    other animals wouldn't be there. Some disadvantages are that it may still
    be too cold.

    Brandon Luck:
    I think the male robins come before the females come because the
    males can get an early start on the nest and other stuff. The advantages
    are that by the time the females come, the tree is picked out and the nest
    is probably already started. Another reason is that when the males come
    they can get ready for the females. The disadvantage is that the males have
    to wait for the females to come.

    Yvette Harper:
    I think male robins return first to try to find a home for them and
    their families or to get a home before all of the other males. There is
    going to be more food for them before all of the other robins get there.
    But other animals who don't leave are already here.

    Niki Carney:
    I think the male robins come back first so they can prepare a nest
    to attract females if they want to mate with them so they can have babies.

    Matt Lecklitner:
    The males come early so they can build a nest for their mates. But
    it can get really cold and the robin could die or there could not be much food.

    Tara Cassada:
    I think that the male robins come first to claim a location and make
    sure it is warm and safe for the female robins. The advantange for us is
    that we can see them and hear them sing. The disadvantage is that they may
    come too early and the weather may not be fit for them.

    Teresa Vesty:
    I think the males return before the females so tehy can find a place
    to build a nest and check on how things are. An advanteage would be so they
    can get a home before they're all gone and so teh females will have enough
    time for their children to grow up and migrate. A disadvantange would be if
    there was a storm or it was too cold, they might freeze.

    Megan Knoll:
    Maybe they want to be able to get a good mate, so the males go early
    to catch the females when they come in. Advantages: they can stake out a
    place to live and get a good mate. Disadvantages: they might have bad
    weather and could get eaten if they are alone.

    Rosie Chapin:
    One of the reasons I think is so the male robin can come and make a
    nest and get ready to mate. One advantage is that wehn the lady robin comes
    back, she'll say to herself, "Who am I going to choose?". Some of the
    disadvantages are that a male robin can get killed by a car or that there is
    not very much food and it can't survive. Another is that if a person can
    cut down trees, then there won't be many homes for the robins to live in.

    Heather Virtue:
    I think that the male robins come first so that they can get ready
    for the femlales to come. Also so that they can show off a good nesting
    place. The advantages are that if it rains a lot in the spring, they can
    get a lot of worms, and it is pretty warm. The disadvantages are that if it
    gets cold they could die and there could be freezing rains.

    Chasstity Mahoney:
    I think male robins come back before female robins because the males
    need to fix up the nest and get the food for the female and the babies. The
    disavantages are that if they have a bad storm or get run over then they
    wouldn't be able to come back. The advantages are that if the females and
    babies are able to come back alive, then they are advantaged, because some
    birds die when they are coming back.

    Alicia Davis:
    I think the male robin comes back first because they get a home
    ready for the females to lay eggs. They get food ready, so when they find a
    mate, stuff will already be done. If the male robin comes to early, it
    might still be winter and it would be harder to find food and make a home.

    Josh Mitchell:
    I think the robin males come back to get a tree for nesting. The
    males may be looking out for the female when it comes back. The bad thing
    is we could have a really hard freeze. There may be a snow storm. Another
    bad thing is that they could get hit by a car because people are happy that
    it's spring.

    Ashley Mullaney:
    I think the males arrive before the females so the males can find a
    place to live and prepare himself to mate. The females stay longer because
    they need to make sure the ground is thawed sot aht when she laid eggs she
    woudl have enough food for her babies. Advantages are that they get food
    before anyone else. They also get to choose where they live before anyone
    else. A disadvantage is if there was an ice storm or a cold front they
    might freeze.

    Ben Keele:
    I think male robins return before the females so they can look for a
    place to build a nest. Without a nest ready, they can't lay eggs. The
    advantage is that they get to get the best nest. Another advantage is that
    if it rains they get all the worms. A disadvantage is they could die if a
    cold front comes through.

    Ginny Deaton:
    I think male robins come up to find a home for the mom to lay her
    eggs. A disadvantage is bad weather. An advantage is better territory.

    Michele Montgomery:
    They leave early because they might want to see if it's okay for the
    females to come. The advantages are that they can see if it's alright
    there. If it si alright, they will be there early , so they have more time
    to build nests. The disadvantages are that if they get there early and it's
    still cold, they might die. They might become sick because it's so cold.

    Angela Wolf:
    I think the male robin come before the female robin because it want
    to claim territory before the other robins. They also need to get things
    ready for when the females come.

    Andrea Meiers:
    I think they return before the females so they can find a place to
    live, and start building a nest and finding food both for him and her.