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  • Challenge Question #4

    South Park Elementary (garyt@csn.net)
    Tue, 4 Mar 1997 10:35:12 -0700

    Male robins return before females so they can find a good territory for
    their mate that has food, water, protection, nesting places, not too many
    enemies and enough space.

    The disadvantages of returning early are there may be bad weather, not
    enough food, water could be frozen, and the trees are bare so there is no

    The advantages are that the males could pick the best territory with plenty
    of food and water and not have to share it and they could attract the best
    Also, the females would be safer arriving later and they must be kept safe
    because they are the egg layers.

    * 4th Graders *
    * Room 22 *
    * South Park Elementary *
    * Pueblo, Colorado *
    * *