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  • Challenge Questions #4,5,6,7

    Quinetta Mills (qmills@gateway.drew.buffalo.k12.ny.us)
    Wed, 28 May 1997 23:51:42 -0500

    hallenge Question #4

    Monarchs know it is time to go when they start to mate alot.

    Challenge Question#5
    The monarch need alots of trees. They need lots of trees because the rain
    will get on them and get them soaking wet.

    Challenge Question #6
    Dr Brower used nectaring to overwintering monarch surial. They measured the
    amount of nectar available in flowers , determined the duration and amouunt
    of ,
    foraying at different flower specciies and seeing theamout of nector in
    the monarch's crops.

    Challenge Question#7

    Reasons that Dr.Oberrhauser give as possible explanations for bigger
    number of monarchs are because of habitat destuction or a storing 1996
    summer reproduction period.