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  • Challenge Question #10

    Jay S Phillips (jsphilli@access.k12.wv.us)
    Fri, 18 Apr 97 16:59:05 PDT

    Dear Journey North,

    We think that we have some answers to Challenge Question #10. We
    think that monarch butterflies to to eastern and southern parts of the
    United States for a few reasons.
    1) There are deserts and the Rocky Mountains in the western part of
    the United States. There would be very little amounts of water and not many
    trees for shelter and not many flowers for food. Maybe there are no
    milkweed plants either.
    2) They wouldn't go straight north now because it is too cold to
    survive. Some kids are mapping the tulips and tulips aren't there either,
    so then there probably wouldn't be any other flowers for the nectar for
    3) The wind and weather mostly go east. The butterflies don't want
    to fight the wind by flying against the wind. So they can keep their energy
    if they fly the way that the wind is going.

    Jordan Jones
    Mike Kirk
    Philip Morris
    Clayton Nichols
    Santiago San Miguel
    Mitchell Williams
    (helped by Mr. Phillips)
    Third grade class at Kanawha School in Davisville, West Virginia (near
    Parkersburg, WV)
    Name: Jay S. Phillips
    E-mail: jsphilli@p34.s212.c96.k12.wv.us (Jay S. Phillips)
    Date: 4/18/97
    Time: 4:59:05 PM

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