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  • Challenge Question #7

    St. Mary's (stmarysa@rea-alp.com)
    Fri, 21 Mar 1997 14:22:12 +0000

    Dear Journey North, Here at St. Mary's School in Alexandria MN it is
    very hard to imagine that the butterflys are on the move. We still have
    several feet of snow and it is still quite cold although one day it was
    30 degrees and the snow started melting. We think that the reason that
    there are so many butterflies this year in the sanctuary is because
    since there was an ice storm last year, the butterflies predators found
    different things that they liked to eat last year and so there were not
    so many things killing them and so a lot of the eggs that hatched made
    it to fly south. Or else It is too cold to go up here so they are
    laying their eggs there and not coming. We hope not.!!!! Or teacher is
    Mrs Kostreba and we are studying the butterflies in Science.