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  • Challenge Question # 4

    Diane Petersen (dpeterse@clovis.esd171.wednet.edu)
    Mon, 10 Mar 1997 15:32:16 -0800 (PST)

    The students of Waterville Elementary think that there are several
    reasons that
    Monarch Butterflys know when to migrate .One is that they can
    by the day and month.They also can tell by their instinct.They can tell
    when it gets warmer and their bodies start to warm up when the days are
    longer and the nights are shorter, they know it's time to migrate.

    Diane Petersen
    4-6th grade Mad Scientist
    Waterville Elementary School | The difference between
    Box 490, Waterville, WA 98858 | ordinary and extraordinary is that
    (509)745-8585 FAX (509)784-2124 | little "extra."
    dpeterse@esd171.wednet.edu |