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  • Challenge Question # 4

    Jay S Phillips (jsphilli@access.k12.wv.us)
    Fri, 7 Mar 97 22:12:09 PST

    Dear Journey North,

    We think the answer to Challenge Question #4 is that they use their
    instincts. They can tell by the light and the heat of the day that it is
    time to go. Then their instincts will guide them where they need to go. We
    are third graders in Mr. Phillips's class at Kanawha Elementary School in
    Davisville, West Virginia working on our monarch butterfly project.

    Your friends,
    Carl Jordan Matthew Jones
    Philip Edison Morris
    Mitchell James Williams
    Name: Jay S. Phillips
    E-mail: jsphilli@p34.s212.c96.k12.wv.us (Jay S. Phillips)
    Date: 3/7/97
    Time: 10:12:09 PM

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