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  • challenge question #4

    Mrs. Angela Knight (aknight@accs.net)
    Fri, 7 Mar 1997 15:50:23 -0500

    Challenge Question # 4:
    "How do you think monarchs know when it's time to leave Mexico? (That is,
    how do you think the butterflies 'tell time'?)"

    The following answers are from 6th grade students in Mrs. Knight's science
    classes at Frankfort Middle School:

    Nick Peterson:
    I think they know because of the photoperiod because the sun is up

    Michele Montgomery:
    Monarchs know when to leave Mexico because when the days get longer,
    they know that it's probably getting warmer, so they can come back.

    Angela Wolf:
    I think monarchs know when to come back from Mexico when it gets
    warmer there and that it might be warmer here.

    Andrea Meiers:
    They feel the temperature getting warmer there and the sun coming
    out earlier and more and more of them keep leaving each day.

    Abby Bloomquist:
    I think they probably look for signs of spring before heading back,
    like when it gets warmer, flowers start to bloom, and when other animals
    like the robin start flying back.

    Kris Klecz:
    They know because they might notice it getting hotter in Mexico so
    they figure they're going to be roast monarch if they stay there much
    longer. They know it's warm up here, but not as warm as it is where they
    are. And since they don't want to get torched, they come up here.

    Lyndsey Taylor:
    I think it might be that they just know when to leave. Or it could
    be a change in temperature, or something. They could just get tired of
    being there.

    Amy Gum:
    I think the monarchs know when to fly north because of when thte sun
    rises and falls at a certain time (photoperiod).

    Jessica Lewis:
    I think it is because of the heat and how hot it gets, and when it
    gets to a certain temperature they travel back.

    Brandon Luck:
    I think the monarch butterfly can sense what the weather is. They
    might leave becasue the trees' leaves turn green. I think the weather,
    because it is usually warm when they come. It is usually spring when they
    come, and it is warm in the spring.

    Donald Hancock:
    It could be an instinct or a change in the weather that they can
    sense with their antennae.

    Kirsten Bailey:
    The way I think monarchs are able to know whe it's time to leave
    Mexico is when it becomes very warm for a week or so they know it's warm
    here and fly back. It also may just be instinct.

    Briget Banuelos:
    I think they know when it's time to leave Mexico when it gets warmer
    and it starts to bloom. They know then to start coming back, so they know
    to come back when it's warmer.

    Ashley Mullaney:
    Maybe when it is spring time Mexico's temperature goes up. They can
    tell whether or not it's warm in the other states by how warm it is in
    Mexico. When it gets hot enough, the say, "Time to go home!".

    Bobby Winkles:
    When it starts to storm in Mexico, they know it is time to go back,
    because they can smell the air by flapping their wings.

    Corey Crum:
    Because I think it might get TOO hot for the monarchs in Mexico,
    they come back.