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  • Challenge Question 5

    CAphyl (caphyl@li.net)
    Thu, 06 Mar 1997 11:44:51 +0000

    What will the monarchs need when they arrive in the North?

    The Monarch Butterflies will need milkweed when they arrive north in
    order to surive.

    When the monarch butterflies fly north they will need to eat milk weed
    and to rest in the trees.

    They will need milk weed, shelter, hot weather and a place where they
    can lay their eggs.
    Jennifer Spindler

    They will need warm weather and shelter and food such as milk weed.
    Heather Levine

    Covert Ave School
    Elmont New york
    Mrs. Richards Computer Teacher
    Mrs. Whicher's 3rd grade class